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Traditional Shamanism: The ancient art
of living an empowered life for yourself and others.

Learn the Ancient skills and tools brought directly from the Old World by this Traditional Indigenous Shaman's own family to heal yourself and others.
You have this once in a lifetime opportunity
to enroll as a student and learn from the foremost expert in the actual
ancient ways of Traditional Shamanism
through 18 email course lessons and online weekly classes!

Question: is this a physical school?

Answer: Yes this physical school began in 2004, but the classes are offered online.
The physical school is located on
sacred ground in Missouri and as a student you are
invited to a FREE in person weekend with
your fellow students two times each year.

Question: How do I attend classes Online?

Answer: We have a classroom online at and you will be invited each week by email with a link to enter that classroom on Monday Nights at 9PM EST for a one hour audio/visual lecture.

Question: What if I cannot attend on Monday nights?

Answer: On each Tuesday you will receive an email with a link to the transcript of that live class and you can access it and watch it anytime! Its best to attend live but you don’t have to. You may also be offered an ebook of that class or an MP3 of that class as a bonus from time to time.

Question: Can I use my mobile device?

Answer: Yes you can! And you can even get phone access to listen the class ”live” on your phone if you do not want to access the classroom online. Attend from wherever you are!

Question: What else do I get?


Shaman Apprenticeship 101 Course lessons delivered by email as you progress. Retail value $1,250.00 USD

• Unlimited email counseling with Shaman Elder Maggie.

• Options for real time phone calls with Shaman Elder Maggie privately for counseling and healing.

• An invitation to attend a FREE weekend in person with Shaman Elder Maggie and fellow classmates.

• Options for real time in-person retreats at a discount, one on one with Shaman Elder Maggie privately.

FREE Ebooks and MP3 audio teachings.

• You can quit anytime you wish. 30 day money back guarantee for first month. Try it out.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: Only $50 per month for as long as you wish to be a student. You can begin today and get your welcome letter, first course lesson and starting this Saturday, your invitation to attend the weekly class lectures online. Click here Traditional Shamanism 101 Course Student Enrollment Form LinkClick here to fill out the Student Enrollment Form and get started today!

Question: Is there homework for this course?

Answer: Yes. Each class lecture will ask you for a little homework to show that you have listened to the lecture and understand the material. The Lessons by email have more in depth homework to do but you can do those lessons at your convenience. There is no time plan for the email lessons from the Shaman Apprenticeship 101 Course but you cannot progress to the next lesson until you have done the homework and completed the current lesson.

Question: How many courses does this school have?

Answer: You begin with the Traditional Apprenticeship 101 course. Then if you want to continue studying there is a second and third course for advanced students. Completion of one allows you to take the next one. Most of my students continue for many years.
The first course is the Traditional Apprenticeship 101 course that teaches you over 20 tools and skills that Traditional Shamans have used to heal themselves and others for thousands of years.
The second course teaches how to create your own unique life as a Shaman Practitioner.
The third course teaches you how to connect with the group energy of all Traditional Shamans throughout time and work on a global level to manifest the intentions of Creator.

Question: what if I already have some experience in shamanism studies?

Answer: Great! This school teaches Traditional Shamanism as was practiced by Shaman Elder Maggie’s elders and ancestors from as far back as 7,000 years ago. It has not been altered or distorted in any way. This is the first time ever that these teachings have been written down or shared with the general public. Everything you learn here will be unique to this ancient path! All new material for you!

It is a complete path and way of life unto itself that nobody else is teaching online. This path worked perfectly for the ancestors. This path has in the past, created miracles, brought the dead back to life, changed realities, manifested powers that are all but lost to us today. This is what you will learn on this path. If you want to learn the “real ancient truths” from Shaman Elder Maggie who was taught from age 3 by her own Shaman Grandmother then come to this course with an open mind and receive the gifts and treasures that have worked for thousands of years but are known by so few people today.

Shaman Elder Maggie is a senior citizen now and wants to pass down these gifts and tools to those who have the commitment and dedication to learn. She teaches by giving you instructions to have an experience for yourself and then you can decide what you choose to believe. It is all very experiential and personal. Shaman Elder Maggie will take you as far as you are willing to go on this path to heal yourself and others, all the way to enlightenment if you have the passion for it. From the very first class you will find yourself healing and changing. This is the ability of Shaman Elder Maggie that you can feel and experience for yourself.

She knows the way.

Let's be clear about what you will get by enrolling as a student here.
What do people want in their lives? Love, Money, time, emotional dividends. Will your income improve? YES! But you will get rich in peace, and joy and abundance and prosperity in all forms!"

Will you save time in your life? Yes! Imagine all the extra energy you will have when you stop needing to worry!

Will you find love? Most definitely! You will not only find other people attracted to you but you will love and approve of your own self completely!

Let me teach you how!
Will you find less stress in your life? Yes! You will learn how to get on the river of life and float to all prosperity available to you, what stress would there be?

I can give you
Spiritual Connection
Rewarding Relationships
Warrior Abilities to be victorious in all your endeavors
Pure authentic Well-Being, not related to places and things

All this in a one-on-one email course and weekly live classes online

Shaman Elder Maggie Teaching

Why do people choose to study with Shaman Elder Maggie?
Because she is the last True Traditional Shaman of her lineage
and the last one to teach Traditional Shamanism as her own elders practiced it.

She is the master expert in the field of Traditional Shamanism as she herself has been practicing it for over 55 years.

Here is what she has been teaching successfully for over 12 years now to thousands of students as she learned from her own Shaman Grandmother.
Some students have been studying with Shaman Elder Maggie for over a decade.

Shaman Meditates

What Is Shamanism? What will you learn here?

Learn to be balanced - fearless- confident. Do you want to learn this?

Develop a relationship with your innate guidance system - Connect to the matrix that all Traditional Shamans tap into! Amazing! Do you want to learn this?

Awaken to your natural ability to sense 5000% more than you do today! Do you want this?

Align your body, mind and spirit through traditional practices to stand 100% in your own power. Do you want this?

Gain energy and enthusiasm and creativity to direct your own life as you choose. Heal Yourself completely! Do you want this?

Fulfill your purpose here as a healer of yourself and others. Do you want to do this?

If you want all this then lets get started right now by using the Student Enrollment Form.
Traditional Shamanism 101 Course Student Enrollment Form - click here
This course is really very involved and in depth into Traditional Shamanism.

Do I have to choose to be a Shaman to take these courses?

No, of course not! There are further courses for those who determine that this is the path they choose in life. But these 20 tools and skills are yours to use forever!

"Let me be VERY CLEAR here about what my years of study and practice, my expertise, can give to you as a student here."

1. I can teach you how to have True knowledge of truth over delusion.
You know what you have now is not the whole truth.
But as a Traditional Shaman I have access to the whole truth and I can show you how to access it yourself.

2. I can teach you how to pursue your own current in this river of life.
I can teach you what is below the surface here
you are aware of it but cannot find it exactly
and how to find and float in this current of all good things that you have been missing.

3. My expertise can teach you how to find your power using time proven practices of Traditional Shamanism.
Each of my lessons includes an exercise to give you an actual Shamanic experience.
I don't tell you what to believe. I give you Shamanic experiences to have for yourself.
It is because of my own work walking this path for over 60 years, that I can give this to you.

4. I can teach you how to experience an interactive harmony with all beings.
One of the most famous skills of the Traditional Shaman is our ability to attune to and communicate with all sentient beings
I will teach you the secret language of the Shaman you need to understand the trees, mountains, rocks and all creation.

5. I can teach you the skills to help you deal with other people.
I am a specialist in counseling and metapsychology
and I will teach you tools and skills to negotiate with people
just as I have used to negotiate with some of the most dangerous non-manifest beings ever created.

6. I can teach you how to access the other 95% that is not manifest here physically.
You know there is more here than meets the physical eye.
Would you like to learn to perceive it yourself?
This is the other 95% that the Shaman has access to find the cures for mans' dis-ease.
Here you will be able to find your own healing and power and abundance as I have done for thousands of people.

7. I can teach you to use all your senses actively as the Traditional Shaman can do.
You have only been using a very small part of the gifts you have as a human being.
Let me wake you up to your full natural ability as I have been using in my work all my life.

8. I can teach you how to understand and learn to work within the Laws of the Universe for your benefit.
Put simply: if you know how the game is played you can play it much better than if you don't know the rules.

9. I can teach you how to protect yourself from harm in any form or kind at all times
If you want to learn to energetically stay protected from all harm as the Traditional Shaman does,
I can teach you the foolproof technique I learned from my own Shaman elders in my own family lineage.

So you can see that it is my life work that has given me the expertise,
the mastery of the skills and tools of the Old World ancient Shamans,
my own ancestors,
that I am willing to teach to those who have a desire to learn them.
Who else is there that is willing to teach you these things?
Can you find anyone else to give you these amazing abilities to have a strong, fulfilling, empowered, happy life?

Lets Get Started!

Traditional Shamanism 101 Course Student Enrollment Form

The Shaman Speaks

has been walking the path of her
own ancestors for over 55 years
and has taught thousands of people
and been published in hundreds of
resources including her own book called
“The Shaman Speaks”.

This live online weekly audio Lecture Series presents pure Traditional Shamanic
teachings from Shaman Elder Maggie's own shamanic lineage in the ways of the Shaman as she lectures
on subjects such as beliefs, protection, medicine,
talismans, balance, ceremony, guides,
awareness and much, much more.

Finally you have a chance to
actually listen to this expert on Traditional Shamanism
LIVE and in person,

from the comfort of your home.
This course was created for
those who have very little time for study,
and don't want to commit a lot of money
and don't want to invest in a long term three year apprenticeship
but would like to learn
the ways of Traditional Shamanism through a live audio mentorship.
Each lecture will actually give you
knowledge you can immediately use
to empower your own life, if you choose.

Renew monthly, no obligation.
Start today!
This is the only course on Traditional Shamanism to teach you the old powerful ways of the ancestors in such a way that you can practice what they knew to empower themselves and others.

Benefit from Traditional Shamanism


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Click here Traditional Shamanism 101 Course Student Enrollment Form
to enroll as a student of this school today!This school is over ten years old.

What You Will Learn

The Shaman Apprenticeship 101 Course

Shaman Elder Maggie

This is a wonderful course that I have been teaching for over ten years to thousands of people covering a great history of Traditional Shamanism around the world. This is NOT Michael Harner's shamanism. We also learn about healing herbs, finding your totem, what shamanic ecstasy is and how to achieve it, how to meditate and many actual meditations and visualizations to help improve one's skills. Also understanding chakras and colors and dream interpretation as well as out of body traveling. After completing this course I take a very few that demonstrate their own calling on to deeper courses I also teach. I have students who are still working and walking with me after years and years. This is a very one-on-one experiential course with unlimited dialogue with Shaman Elder Maggie.

You don't have to become a Shaman to take this course. You don't have to ever journey to take this course. I know traditional Shamans who never do any journeys and who are powerful healers. This course will help any healer gain over 20 ancient Shamanic tools and skills for your own practice as taught to me by my own Shaman Grandmother. This course will help anyone find a way to create a more beautiful reality for yourself and find healing and enlightenment and answers to those questions that have not been answered through other practices. If you wish to follow this path of Traditional Shamanism, Shaman Elder Maggie will offer you her expert guidance and service. And there are further courses for those who choose this path as their own.

Lessons in The Shaman Apprenticeship 101 Course Lessons.

Lesson 1: History of Shamanism and Protection.

Lesson 2: What This Path Will Give You

Lesson 3: Awareness

Lesson4: Healing and Balancing:

Lesson 5: Meeting Your Guides

Lesson 6: The 7 Planes of Existence

Lesson 7: The Medicine Wheel as Taught by my Shaman Grandmother

Lesson 8: Finding Your Totem

Lesson 9: Soul Retrieval and Extraction

Lesson 10: Chakras and Healing

Lesson 11: Working With Allies

Lesson 12: Working With Plants

Lesson 13: Divination

Lesson 14: Shamanic Healing

Lesson 15: Techniques For Journeying the Inner Worlds

Lesson 16: First Journey: Finding Your Cave

Lesson 17: Second Journey: Finding Your Tools

Lesson 18: Third Journey: Finding Your Path

Lessons are delivered by email and are supported daily by unlimited email dialogue with Shaman Elder Maggie.
These lessons are included with the Weekly Lecture series.

shaman logo

Through unlimited emails and phone consultations you are able to walk and talk daily with an expert Traditional Indigenous Shaman who has been practicing her own family's indigenous teachings for over 50 years! Additional teachings will be offered to you to customize this course to your own life experience as we are each unique. But our dialogue together by email is paramount to gaining the most you can gain from this very ancient course.

Traditional Shaman owl


Signs You are Being Called to Your Shamanic Roots

1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back

2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason.

3. Crying for no apparent reason.

4. Bouts of nervous energy.

5. Sudden change in job or career.

6. Withdrawal from family relationships.

7. Heart palpitations or anomalies for which doctors can find no cause.

8. Unusual sleep patterns.

9. Intense dreams.

10. Physical disorientation. Increased "self talk."

11. Feelings of loneliness, even when in the company of others.

12. Loss of passion.

13. A deep longing to go Home.

14. Feeling rushed or finding yourself rushing through each day.

I offer a FREE Initial Consultation by email to anyone. Just email me with your questions and I will answer. I also offer guided retreats, vision quests and spiritual counseling in person on the Sacred Land where I live. Send your enquiry about these services to me by email.

Reviews from Students

"Thank You ever so much my teacher for listening to me. and rejoicing over my accomplishments with me. You made me feel so proud of myself. I also want to Thank You for your kindness and your wisdom. You are a powerful and gentle guide." - Melody , Ontario Canada

"Thank you so much for bringing these lessons to me,
They are in some way, connecting me to something deep within myself, a stirring passion, need, or just maybe my power, but I feel it is more than that. Anyhow, I am deeply grateful, I am starting to open my eyes.
- Maria , Little Rock AR

"I know Elder Maggie would tell you it was no accident that you found your way to the course. I know it was no accident for me and has answered a deep longing I've been feeling for some time. I love the course and know you will too." - James , South Africa


"This course has already taught me so much about myself and about shamanism. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do." - Georgia, Elkhorn, WI

"I thank you for all that you do for me Shaman Maggie.  You are a very wonderful person and I am glad God sent you into my have helped me more than words can say.  I hope I can be a help to someone someday the way you have been for me." - Jennifer, NB

"This is a wonderful group and a skilled teacher/Shaman to study with. I wish for you to find all you need and desire from this course." - TK, Rogue River, OR

"You have entered a diverse group seeking the same goal to walk their Path. Shaman Elder Maggie can help you in this as she has helped all of us to realise our reality. Whatever you give of yourself in this pursuit will be returned a hundred fold." - LW, Texas

"You are truly among friends here, no longer should you feel "weird" but rather traveling on the enlightened path of your journey. As Small Elk said, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. We are especially blessed to have the spiritual and humble Shaman Elder Maggie to guide us on this path." - Katy, San Antonio, TX

"To all earnest potential students I sincerly would like to say: "don't hesitate; try a FREE Pass to the Traditional Shaman Lecture Series. It can be the start of a truly profound and amazing spiritual transformation !!" - D dK , Suriname

Traditional Shaman from Siberia

I am here to help those who feel the calling. In the old days we had communities, tribes, and we grew up with a Traditional Shaman right in our village. It was like having an uncle, an aunt that was respected and called upon whenever you needed help of any kind. You learned the ways from this wonderful person that you loved and venerated like an elderly relative! How lucky we were to have this gift!

But today we don't have this anymore. There is no one who can teach us the ways. When we get sick now, we feel isolated and alone, afraid to go to the doctor who doesn't even know us at all. It is really quite sad. And for God we turn to churches who's ways have been twisted and warped from their original purpose by man's greed and desire for fame. We can't find healing. We can't find God. And then we grow up with frightened parents who might have told us that Shamans are bad and any kind of spirituality is not good for us.

Remember when you were little and all the great dreams you had and the imaginary friends you had and the visitors who came to you that no one else could see? And remember how they were all gone around the time you started school and had to fit in society's mold?

 Over 95% of you who are incarnated on this planet at this time have chosen to be a healer. Your choice to be a healer, was made lifetimes ago. You were initiated by elders in your past. You made an oath to be a healer, possibly a Shaman and to help heal yourself and others. And that oath, that promise was made between worlds, not just for that lifetime. It continues through eternity. You wanted it that way.

And so we come from one lifetime into the next, very much like a Bodhisattva. Are you familiar with a Bodhisattva? to put it simply, this is a soul who dedicates his or her life to helping others. And so you come into each lifetime to help heal but you come without the brain knowledge you had in the previous life. No one, not even Jesus, came into this world with full recall of the past. As an aside, this is the way they try to find the reincarnation of the Buddha. You may know this. They present the little boys with tools and artifacts of the previous Buddha to see if this child can recall any of these tools as their own. But even these reincarnations of Buddha himself do not come into this lifetime with full recall of their abilities and skills.


So we have to re-member in each lifetime what gifts we bring with us from lifetime to lifetime to help heal ourselves and others. Often our lives are a series of very rocky experiences. We tend to take the fast train to remembering, the one with shaky times, and abrupt lessons, hard experiences that shake our lives. I bet you have this kind of life. I know I have and most of my students would agree. We are trying to catch up, to remember quickly, to have enough experiences to unlock the doors so we can practice what we know in our hearts in this lifetime before we die. In Carlos Castanedas' books, Don Juan talks about the four enemies of a Shaman. He says that by the time a person remembers his old ways to heal, he is too old to practice them. In this society, many do not even remember their old ways to heal at all.

And worse yet, we have no one here to help us remember. How wonderful it is to find a practicing traditionally trained indigenous Shaman here who can say, "Yes, you have this gift and this gift and this is how to use them!" Or, "Here is your place that you built to work from, your cave, your laboratory and here are all the tools you left in this place for yourself. Get busy and explore them, remember them and get to work!"

And I know there are many people, hundreds of thousands, in this world who have made their choice and said their oath between lifetimes to practice loving kindness and give healing to the world. The Shamans, the Bodhisattvas, the Healers. And I know they have no where to turn to get their memories back, to be given the tools, and reminded of the skills and shown the places they have already created to be healers.

I really feel their wandering, their uncertainty, their frustration at the dim knowledge they know they have but can't seem to access. And it is this lack of help, this lack of a place to regroup and remember that is causing Shamanism to die. With so few true Shamans left in the world, who is here to help you remember your own calling? To find it on your own without help is almost impossible, extremely grueling, rough and can be warped and choked out by the natural human tendency to seek money or fame.

I am called to be a light for those seeking to remember their own promise to heal, their own gifts, skills and abilities. I am not here to teach you new things, but to help you remember old things you already know. I can help you connect with your own teachers, your elders who are always with you, who love you and want to help you remember. I am a torch that lights your way, an expert who takes your hand and walks with you down this path that society says is dangerous and scary. This path leads you home. Most are afraid of it because they were taught to be afraid and they did not make the choice to find your path as you have. But for you it leads to home, that place that gives you fulfillment, peace, joy and the ability to do a job well done as you chose to do. You will recognize it from the start of our journey together. And when this course is over you will ask for more. The course does not slake your thirst but it gives you the will to reach out and truly accept you are, a powerful healer. You do not have to become a Shaman to take this course. You only have to want to remember your skills to heal.

Welcome to this opportunity to walk and talk with a practicing Shaman for the 18 lessons of this course. We will become fast friends and good associates. My life is committed to teaching. It is my full time job. But I will not be here forever. Your time is now.

Click below to begin our walk together."

Begin the ongoing dialogue with me now. Traditional Shamanism 101 Course Student Enrollment Form

You cannot lose.

Please maintain this honor code: with the exception of one print copy for the personal use of each subscriber, the copyrighted material from the Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls courses and sites may not be reproduced, forwarded, or redistributed by any means, print or electronic. The material may not be incorporated into other programs/training. Sorry to have to put this here but thieves have tried to steal these holy teachings for their own material gain.

So sad.

For donations please use this PayPal button. Thanks so much!

Disclaimer: All material provided by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is provided for educational purposes only. Consult your own physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.

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"Please do not confuse the book authored by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls called "The Shaman Speaks" with an audio book by Robin Gress called A Shaman Speaks. There is no relationship whatsoever. Also please note that Shaman Elder Maggie does not teach any Native American practices but instead teaches the traditional indigenous teachings of her own family lineage from the origin of shamanism in ancient Siberia and the Ukraine as practiced in her own family for over 400 years directly. Shaman Elder Maggie teaches what has been handed down by word of mouth from grandmother to granddaughter in her own direct lineage and now for the first time has been put into print in her book "The Shaman Speaks " and in her Shaman Apprenticeship 101 course. This knowledge is not found anywhere else in the world. "

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